Vajrayogini Retreat 2019 – with teachings and guidance from Kelsang Lachpa 

Following our​ successful Vajrayogini retreats ​over ​​recent​ years, Vairochana Centre offers ​once ​again the precious opportunity of a Vajrayogini counting or meditation retreat. You are very welcome to join this retreat under the ​loving care and ​guidance of Kelsang Lachpa, who ​himself ​​completed a five year silent retreat

According to your personal focus, the aim of your retreat can be the accomplishment of a counting retreat or g​ain​ing deep​er​ experiences of the different Yogas of self​ ​generation and / or completion stage of Vajrayogini. There will be teachings about counting retreat and the different yogas of the Vajrayogini practice, including completion stage, with guided meditations given throughout this retreat, ​as well as frequent question and answer sessions

Th​is​ retreat will be ​held ​​in English and ​is in silence. The retreat ends with a Fire Puja on 25th January 2019

​A ​Highest Yoga Tantra Empowerment is required to participate



28. Dezember 2018 –  25. Januar 2019

3BZ  CHF 1095.- / Euro  995

2BZ  CHF 1195.- / Euro 1095

EZ.   CHF 1395.- / Euro 1295

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Vairochana Zentrum

Amriswilerstrasse 96

8589 Sitterdorf bei Bischofszell

Map of Sitterdorf

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